Friday, October 10, 2014

"Because I said so!"

"Because I said so!" - That phrase is so powerful, so freeing.  It is my trump card, my "go to" phrase when my authority is threatened.  I imagine if He-Man was ever questioned by Skeletor, the response would be "BECAUSE I SAID SO!"  

Be honest.  How many of us have said that to our children?  I must admit, I have said that on more than one occasion.  My son asks "Why?" all the time!  And yes, when I am exhausted or tired of answering the question, I just sass back, "Because I said so!"  

Let me be the first to confess, that is probably the worst thing I can say to my son.  His impressionable mind, just soaking up all the knowledge he can, wants to investigate every thing that exists, including my thoughts and my actions.  I should be celebrating his inquisitiveness rather than dismissing his curiosity.  I want to encourage that kind of critical thinking and help him understand what it is he is observing.  After all, he is going to be just like me.  I might as well let him know why!