Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Get Involved

As many of you know, my family welcomed Chloe Florence into the world recently.  We are immeasurably blessed!  I could try to quantify our blessing in diapers, bottles, and hours of sleep deprivation, but who would care.  One thing I was very concerned with was the response of Little Wally during the addition of our new bundle of joy.  Being very conscious of his esteem during this time, I have made a concentrated effort to spend quality time with him everyday.  When I say quality time, I refer to time that he values as important.  For example, while we were watching the Phillies game on Sunday, he noted that he wants to play baseball when he is big.  My heart leaped for joy and we immediately grabbed the batting tee and headed out back.  He was a natural!

The time I get to spend with him now is irreplaceable and I am grateful for every moment.  As life only gets busier and the commitments of the family increase greatly, I need to ensure that I keep my priorities in check.  Like many of you, I aspire to keep the education of my children one of my top priorities by getting involved in the life and mission of the school.  As a parent to my parents, I appreciate all you do for your children to encourage their hard work and dedication to their studies and thank you for being involved in the life of the school.

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  1. Congratulations to you and your family. Having a new baby in the house is exciting and exhausting. I think it is wonderful how mindful you are being of Little Wally's feelings. As a mom of four children ranging from 19 to 4yrs old, I completely understand your desire to make Wally feel loved and not forgotten. Some days you'll have that covered and other days maybe not so much, but don't worry... it gets easier with time. Unless of course you decide to bring another member into the home...lol. Before you know it Little Wally and his baby sister Chloe will be playing like best friends and then fighting like sworn enemies. Aaah parenthood....never a boring moment. My husband like to tell me..."But you don't work!" Really? Cause this is the hardest "job" I've ever had. 24/7 with no sick time or vacation time. Good luck to you! And thanks for sharing your happy news.