Friday, October 10, 2014

"Because I said so!"

"Because I said so!" - That phrase is so powerful, so freeing.  It is my trump card, my "go to" phrase when my authority is threatened.  I imagine if He-Man was ever questioned by Skeletor, the response would be "BECAUSE I SAID SO!"  

Be honest.  How many of us have said that to our children?  I must admit, I have said that on more than one occasion.  My son asks "Why?" all the time!  And yes, when I am exhausted or tired of answering the question, I just sass back, "Because I said so!"  

Let me be the first to confess, that is probably the worst thing I can say to my son.  His impressionable mind, just soaking up all the knowledge he can, wants to investigate every thing that exists, including my thoughts and my actions.  I should be celebrating his inquisitiveness rather than dismissing his curiosity.  I want to encourage that kind of critical thinking and help him understand what it is he is observing.  After all, he is going to be just like me.  I might as well let him know why!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Letter to My Students

Dear Students of the Maurice River Township School District,

It was such an honor and a privilege to work with you this past school year.  We had such an amazing learning experience.  As your teachers challenged you to think outside the box and to strive for excellence, you challenged us to set the bar higher and to see you all as individuals, ready for anything.  You have inspired us to step our game up to ensure that each of you can achieve your dreams.  We hope you have an amazing summer.  Primose ouy wlil raed soemtihng eervyady; ohetrwsie ouy wno't rmebmer how!  See you in September!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Get Involved

As many of you know, my family welcomed Chloe Florence into the world recently.  We are immeasurably blessed!  I could try to quantify our blessing in diapers, bottles, and hours of sleep deprivation, but who would care.  One thing I was very concerned with was the response of Little Wally during the addition of our new bundle of joy.  Being very conscious of his esteem during this time, I have made a concentrated effort to spend quality time with him everyday.  When I say quality time, I refer to time that he values as important.  For example, while we were watching the Phillies game on Sunday, he noted that he wants to play baseball when he is big.  My heart leaped for joy and we immediately grabbed the batting tee and headed out back.  He was a natural!

The time I get to spend with him now is irreplaceable and I am grateful for every moment.  As life only gets busier and the commitments of the family increase greatly, I need to ensure that I keep my priorities in check.  Like many of you, I aspire to keep the education of my children one of my top priorities by getting involved in the life and mission of the school.  As a parent to my parents, I appreciate all you do for your children to encourage their hard work and dedication to their studies and thank you for being involved in the life of the school.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I think it's only appropriate to write this post as Winter Storm Janus heads towards Maurice River Township.  Janus is actually the name of a two-faced god who looks back into the past and also into the future, which is why in January, we make New Year's resolutions.  In Rome, during the pre-Christian era, citizens made moral resolutions to help them treat each other with more respect.  In the 21st Century, we use January 1 as a time to reset goals such as eating healthy, working out, or starting a retirement plan.  As important as those commitments are; however, we shouldn't lose focus on making our world a better place.  I challenge you to resolve this year to set goals that not only benefit you and your family, but benefit the world as a whole.